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Professional Competition gets international and from now on is called "WATER SKILLS"

The established concept of the professional competition, which takes place at IFAT Munich since 2010, has been expanded and takes place with a new name and also on an international level.

With launching the competition at IFAT India in Mumbai last September and with the new brand “WATER SKILLS”, the DWA has begun to bring its competitions to international platforms, thus promoting the profession of specialist in water technology worldwide.

The purpose of the DWA skills competition is twofold:

On the one hand, it is important to promote the trade „wastewater technology expert“, in order to win and inspire young and clever potential workers. The standards in the current working environment have been raised and hence, only well-educated specialists will guarantee seamless operations and maintenance of the wastewater disposal facilities.

On the other hand, the day-to-day activities of a sewage expert are not very familiar to the general public. Safety and health protection are of high importance and should not be neglected by any chance. DWA strongly supports the strict follow-up of safety and health procedures.

In 2018 the professional competition of the experts will take place at the IFAT Munich under the new name WOLRD WATER SKILLS. The trainees are allowed to demonstrate their knowledge and skills at WATER SKILLS GERMANY.

New in 2018: Only two participants per team!

Young water professionals participated in the WorldSkills Abu Dhabi

Once again, the water sector was represented with a competition at the WorldSkills, which took place from October 14th-19th in Abu Dhabi. The vocational trainings “water supply engineering technician” and “sewage engineering technician” were first represented during the world cup of occupations in 2013 in Germany. While in Leipzig, only German water teams took part at WorldSkills, teams from five different countries are going to participate this time. Companies dealing with drinkable water and wastewater send their best young talents to the competition in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Twelve participating countries are needed to ensure that the water sector is recognized as an official water technology discipline.

The winners are determined!


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