Cooperations Partners



With EWA (European Water Association) and IWA (International Water Association) there are close relationships. In regular meetings and consultations, activities of the partners on both national and European and/or international level are discussed and agreed upon. Examples for mutual activities are the EWA-European symposium at the IFAT and the combined "Challenges of Tomorrow"-event for the IWA- and DWA young water professionals. National, European and international experts are brought together.

German Water Partnership


DWA works closely together with German Water Partnership, a joint initiative of the German private and public water sector, a central coordination and contact offi ce of the German water sector serving foreign partners and clients.


2008 DWA and UN-Water DPC agreed upon close cooperation in the field of capacity development in the water sector of developing counties.

Since 2010 DWA works closely together with UNESCO-UNEVOC.

Training Cooperation in Jordan

DWA and ENGICON O&M cooparte in Training in MENA-Region.

ENGICON O&M is a leading consultancy in Jordan and the region. DWA supports the training activities and assures the quality of the conducted training.