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Valuable results of the committee work are put across through activities of the department Training and International Cooperation at numerous conferences and seminars.

DWA Rules and Standards

Rules and Standards for a Clean Environment

With the DWA Rules and Standards, the experts in the DWA committees create the basis for planning, construction and operation of plants in Germany.


As a member you will contribute to the development

As a member you have direct access to the leading network for professionals, engineers and managers of water.


Publications and Water Trainings

"Hot" topics currently under discussion: events and publications in different languages.

Water management

The knowledge exchange between experts from the areas engineering, science and economy promotes sustainability.

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Energy efficiency and climate protection are in the focus of the treatment of waste and sewage sludge.

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Apart from the avoidance of wastewater our focus lies on environmentally friendly treatment and disposal of the latter.

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The “Profile of the German Water Sector 2015” provides a comprehen-sive and up to date picture of water supply and wastewater disposal services  in Germany. lt is published by ATT, BDEW, DVGW, DBVW, DWA and VKU in consultation with the German Association of Cities (Deutscher Stadtetag — DST) and the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund – DStGB).


Calculation software and data processing programs

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