General Information

Please find below a selection of References.

Brazil - Foundations for a New Training Offer

Technical, didactical and methological foundations for a new training offer in the filed of biogas operation in Brazil from December 2013 until June 2015.

Egypt - Enhancing Management Capacity

Complementation of the ongoing TCP development and training management efforst of HCWW from May 2013 until March 2015.

India - Technical assistance

Developing standards and practice oriented training packages on Industrial Wastewater Management from December 2013 until February 2015.

Presentation of the German - Bangladeshi Cooperation

Extension of the German - Bangladeshi Cooperation in May 2014 at IFAT Munich, Germany.

Seminar - Train the Trainer

Implementation of the seminar "Train the Trainer" in January 2014 in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt - TSM

Introducing Technical Sustainable Management (TSM) to water and wastewater sector in Egypt


Arab Region -
Arab/German/English Dictionary

Development of a Technical Dictionary in the field of Water and Wastewater in Arab/German/English

2010 - on going

Jordan - Training Cooperation with ENGICON


Cooperation in Training between DWA and ENGICON




Water Union Service Provider (WUSP) – A new Association

2008-on going


Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)

Since Dec. 2005 continuously involved


Palestine - Technical assistance

Technical assistance for the management and training coordination in the water sector in Palestine

First Period 2004-2006, Second Period 2006-2009

Egypt - Delegation


Delegation “Water and Wastewater Management- Egypt”

March/April 2009



Environmental aspects of vocational training for trainers and directors of vocational training institutes in the building sector in Algeria 

March 2009

East Africa

Capacity development in the Water Sector for WAVE Water Experts from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia

October 2008

Palestine - Delegation

Visit to the IFAT International Trade Fair in Munich for a delegation of 22 water experts from Palestine

May 2008

South Africa

Transboundary Water Management for water experts from SADC (Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe)

November 2007


Infrastructure of the German Waste Industry for waste experts from ministries and authorities from Palestine

July 2007


Water Resource Management in Germany for water experts from Jordan (from ministries, water authorities)

May 2007


Efficient Water supply and wastewater disposal management for Syrian experts fro ministries, universities and institutes

April 2007