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Poster "How a wastewater treatment plant works"

Modular Wastewater Training System - International Edition with 63 magnetic picture cards

Fit in wastewater technology? Revised Edition June 2021

Activated Sludge Expert with Aeration - Software based on Standard DWA-A 131 (January 2016) "Bemessung von einstufigen Belebungsanlagen" - Edition 3. X

Guideline DWA-M 277 - Information on design of systems for the treatment and reuse of greywater and greywater partial flows - October 2017

DWA-Topics - Non-Potable Water Reuse - Development, Technologies and International Framework for Agricultural, Urban and Industrial Uses - June 2019

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Praxisleitfaden Funktionsstörung Kläranlagen-2021

Funktionsstörungen auf Kläranlagen - Praxisleitfaden für systematische Ursachensuche und Behebung von Funktionsstörungen - Heft 3; Oktober 2021