WEFTEC 26.-30.09.2015 Chicago

DWA/IFAT Team and Team Düsseldorf at the WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago – Professional Competition „made in the USA“ – a trip of a special kind  


The heat is on! – reads the headline of the reporting about the 27th Operators Challenge at the WEFTEC in Chicago from September 28th to 29th 2015 and showed a photo of the German Team Düsseldorf during the competition. For the first time two German teams participated in the WEFTEC to measure their skills with the American teams.  


The young Team Düsseldorf reached place 29, the DWA/IFAT All Star Team place 32 of 44. In Düsseldorf regular trainings had taken place, this paid off. The All Star Team had exercised only once in Germany. Before the event the American teams train several hours per week and several months in the plants. Both German teams encounter many devices in the USA which they had not seen before. Considering that, both teams can be very content with the result. Also some special prizes were awarded. Team Düsseldorf was honoured by the other teams as "most friendliest" and "best of all fan support" team and received big applause at the final celebration. The All Star Team got the "best effort" price.  


DWA and WEF (Water Environmental Federation) will cooperate closely. At the IFAT 2016 in Munich at least one WEF team will participate in the professional competition. Many Americans do not know the importance and the size of the IFAT – this will change next year.  


Many thanks to the sponsors! Three members of the All Star Team have financed their trip privately, what an engagement! Without financial support of IFAT Munich this trip would not have been realized and also many thanks to the city of Dusseldorf, which has financed the young team. The Managing Director of DWA Johannes Lohaus made the organizational frame of this trip possible and the cooperation between DWA and WEF fitting in the strategical aims and the basic strategy of the DWA.