What happens at the playground?

At this demonstration skill you see the daily work of a sewage engineering technician and water supply engineering technician.
Each competitor has its own “water office”.
The “water office” has three activity areas as follows:

Area 1 - Space for process control work and documentation

At this workplace, the competitors carry out their daily monitoring and control work. Documentation like recording the dials of the water treatment plant and report writing will take place at this workplace.
On day 1 and 4 this place and the space for sampling and lab work is the main place for the competitors.
During the first “routine day” the competitors control the water supply plant, prepare the work for the next day and the daily work report is written and filed at the end of day 1.
Just take a look at the screen next to the playground and you can watch the daily work at a water treatment plant!

Area 2 - Space for sampling and lab work

This workspace is also used at day 1 and 4. Taking samples from water and sludge is a daily part of the work on water supply plants and wastewater treatment plants. During these normal duties the emergency situation shows up on day 2 and 3. Scenario: In the next village the water supply sand filter has failed. An emergency water supply for 1000 people has to be setup immediately. The competitors have to check and repair one unit and have to design and operate a two-month crisis. The competitors have to plan, calculate costs, and manage staff. 
On day 4 the emergency situation and all scheduled maintenance work is done and the normal routine work carries on. Monitoring, sampling and lab work has to be done as every day. The documentation work takes more time because a monthly report about regular and emergency work has to be finalized and given to the supervisor.

Area 3 - Space for workshop and outdoor work

This space is flexible. The competitors have to go to the logistic area. They have to pick up the right equipment and tools and have to bring the material with tables (with rolls) to the “water office”.
On day 2 and 3 all competitors will work here on the different tasks during the emergency call.
We hope that through the World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017, you will gain a good idea on what people, working in the fields of wastewater and drinkable water, achieve for our environment on a daily basis.
Please take this knowledge with you to your home countries, spread it, and help to clean water and therewith make a large part of our world much cleaner.

AbuDhabi 2017

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