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Fit in Wastewater Technology?

Book, E-Book or Learning App

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The book is intended as training and self-learning material which supplements the modular wastewater training system. Together it's a kick-off for all active learning orientation.



More than 400 questions:

  • multiple-choice questions
  • questions related to situations for the better understanding of processes
  • expedition questions to apply the theory to the practical work on a wastewater treatment plant
  • questions for reflection which should be discussed and solved with a trainer


  • Municipal sewerage
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water bodies
  • Specific features
  • 'What happens if ...'
  • Sewage treatment plant rally
  • Sewerage rally for apprentices
  • World Championship Question

Workbook based on German wastewater engineering technician

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In practice, the wastewater engineering technician is responsible for the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment components or mans larger control rooms of wastewater treatment plants. This machinery and equipment under his responsibility often has a value of several 100,000 EUR. Skilled operation and good maintenance preserve the value of the investment. So the plant manager is particularly keen that his technicians independently and fundamentally accomplish a high standard of work every day, and therefore attaches great importance to the vocational education and further training of his employees.


Learning Software - simply learn everywhere

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Nearly all questions of "Fit in wastewater technology?" are available as digital flash cards of BrainYoo.

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Whether in school or university, for the job or simply just continuing your learning – Brainyoo is the perfect companion for all those who are active learners. Location independent, multimedia and through self-created digital flash cards and multimedia learning content perfectly positioned for your own learning goals.


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