16th International Symposium of the Water, Wastewater and Waste Industries

DWA invites you to a professional exchange at the IFAT ENTSORGA

Hennef. Under the title “Sustainable management of water – new solutions for current problems” the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) invites you to a professional exchange within the 16th International Symposium at the IFAT ENTSORGA, the world’s leading trade fair of the water, wastewater, waste and raw material industries on 08 and 09 May 2012 in Munich. The DWA subject blocks address the following contents:


  • Water supply and infrastructure – effects of the demographic change on municipal drainage systems
  • Energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants – improved planning and improved operation
  • Wastewater treatment technologies for an improved effluent quality


The main issues in detail


The influence of urban developments on the resource water, possibilities of wastewater disposal in the future, the development of sustainable sanitary concepts and dealing with residential wastewater are at the centre of the first presentation block on Tuesday morning.


The presentations of the second block on Tuesday morning address the vision of the energy-automatic wastewater treatment plant, with the minimisation of the consumption of energy with the aeration of activated sludge systems, with the overcoming of barriers with the energetic utilisation of sewage sludge and with the prospect of an instrument for cost calculation of investment projects.


The two presentation blocks on Wednesday morning are devoted to the possibilities of modern wastewater treatment, the recycling of water and resources, the exerting of influence on biological processes and the reduction of environmental risks though an improved degradation of pollutants.


Organisers of the 16th International Symposium


Along with the DWA, the 16th International Symposium is organised by the European Water Association (EWA), the German Association of Municipal Businesses (VKU) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). The events of the symposium on sustainable waste management take place from 07 to 10 May 2012.


All contributions will be translated simultaneously between German and English.


Information and contact


An overview of the events can be found on the DWA web page under http://de.dwa.de/ifat-muenchen.html.


Location of the Symposium is the ICM Congress Centre on the site of the Messe München, West Entrance, 1st Floor, Am Messesee, 81829 Munich, Germany. Entry is free.


If you have questions on the programme of events please contact Barbara Sundermeyer-Kirstein, Telephone: +49(0)2242 872-181, E-Mail: sundermeyer-kirstein@dwa.de


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