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DWA and visaplan develop educational module for information platform UNITRACC

Bochum/Hennef. The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) cooperates with visaplan GmbH in creating an individual offer for e-learning: Because certified employees enable excellence in pipeline management, construction, and maintenance work in wastewater management.

For some years on, blended learning and e-learning are much-debated concepts – and that is for a reason. The future-oriented learning methods convince tutors as well as learners with their many advantages like high flexibility and plannability of learning. DWA, together with the innovative e-learning and information platform UNITRACC - by media company visaplan - is now taking a step towards the future in interactive, media-based learning.

Convinced by the idea of lifelong learning, the wise words “Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back” are attributed to the Chinese philosopher Laotse already in the 6th century. The personal and professional further training during a career is even in times of the fast-moving digitalization of great importance. In order for learning methods to find its way into the digital world, DWA cooperates with visaplan to offer interactive educational modules on The modules convey state-of-the-art methods and technologies for the wastewater industry and the current status of guidelines in engineering.

Expertise for the brain that fits into the laptop bag

Meetings of the construction management, site inspections and answering the daily e-mail correspondence leave little time for vocational training and actively following technical innovations. Thanks to UNITRACC, the internet platform for underground infrastructure, learning while taking the train to the next meeting or an hour in the evening after work is easy. The flexibility that UNITRACC offers is an independent way to expand specialist expertise while using a light-weight notebook or laptop instead of heavy reference books. The cooperation with DWA guarantees beginners as well as experts that all methods, mentioned norms and procedures go in line with the current technical codes in Europe and Germany.

Discipline-specific knowledge of wastewater management for specialists and engineers

The didactical modules for professionals and employees in wastewater management are based on the belief that autonomous lifelong learning is an elementary cornerstone of scientific actions in engineering. In order to achieve this high goal of easy, pertinent learning, visualizations of teaching contents with 3D graphics, animations, and comprehensive photographic records play a major role. The visualizations set new yardsticks in the knowledge transfer of core competences. With the successful completion of modules like “Maintenance of drain and sewer systems – Cleaning” or “Replacement of water, wastewater and gas pipelines” and “Utility Tunnelling”, participants hold, next to the certificate by DWA, the professional competence in the palm of their hands. The e-learning modules come with tutorial support. They comprise of 30 hours of training within four weeks and cost 600 Euro net. Further information is to be found on or

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