Standard DWA-A 199-1: Service and Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems. Part 1: Service Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Systems

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Hennef. To ensure the proper functioning and failure-free operation of sewage systems, the personnel needs detailed knowledge of the system components and the technical relationships. In addition, economic, safe operation requires clear definition of the tasks and responsibilities of the operating personnel. The foundation for this is provided by service and operating instructions that are tailored to the respective circumstances.

This present standard is intended to serve the operators of wastewater treatment plants as a template and guide for developing their own service instructions. A sample text is provided in the appendix as an aid.

The new DWA-A 199-1 contains minimum requirements for the content of service instructions for the personnel of wastewater treatment plants, which are binding for all operators regardless of the respective organisational and corporate form. They relate to all wastewater treatment facilities such as sewage systems - including stormwater treatment plants - wastewater pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.

Service instructions need to include basic provisions for all plants on the organisation of the service operation and the division of the tasks and responsibilities of the individual employees. In this way, work processes are streamlined, internal interface problems reduced and additional costs avoided. Furthermore, a transparent organisation improves the customer orientation.

In addition, the accident prevention regulation “Wastewater Treatment Plants” (GUV- V C5) requires the operator to compile service instructions in an intelligible form to regulate behaviour in operation so as to prevent accidents and health hazards.

In Part 2 – 4 the, in total, four-part standard contains the following operating instructions:

• Part 2: “Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Sewerage Systems and Stormwater Treatment Systems” (July 2007),
• Part 3: “Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Pumping Installations” (June 2007),
• Part 4: “Operating Instructions for the Personnel of Wastewater Treatment Plants” (August 2006).


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