UN-Water presents the 4th World Water Development Report

DWA supports international exchange of experience

Hennef. Safe use of wastewater in agriculture as well as water management and sustainable economic activity are the focal points addressed in the presentations of the UN-Water Symposium, taking place within the conference programme of the IFAT ENTSORGA, the world’s leading trade fair of the water, wastewater, waste and raw materials industries on Wednesday,
9th May 2012 in Munich.


Presentations in three blocks


The first event block, which reports on the experiences of a multi-stakeholder UN-Water project on the “Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture,” is devoted to multiple dimensions and issues of using wastewater safely in agriculture (from a human health, agricultural and environmental perspective), and presents materials and capacity development projects dedicated to this topic. Trainings and examples from many regions around the world, especially developing countries, will be highlighted.


The second and third presentation blocks address Capacity Development in the Green Economy, with a special book launch on the subject from UN-Water members and partners, highlighting the significance of water technologies and technology adoption/adaptation

for transitions to green economies. In addition, the Fourth World Water Development Report of the World Water Assessment Programme, a UN-Water programme hosted by UNESCO, will be presented.


All contributions are coordinated by the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC) and translated simultaneously between German and English.


Information and contact


The programme of the event, which is supported by the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), can be referred to on the web site of the DWA under http://de.dwa.de/ifat-muenchen.html.


The UN Water Symposium takes place in the ICM Congress Centre on the site of the Messe München, West Entrance, 1st Floor, Am Messesee, 81829 Munich. Entry is free.


If you have questions on the event programme please contact Gabriele Martens, Telephone: +49(0)2242 872-115, E-Mail: martens@dwa.de.




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