Brazil - Foundations for a New Training Offer

Country: Brazil
Project title: Training and Curriculum Development for the Use of Biogas in Wastewater Treatment Processes
Project period: December 2013 – June 2015
Target: The program aimed to lay the technical, didactical and methodological foundations for a new training offer in the field of biogas operation in Brazil. It included a combined 3 weeks training plus workshop in Germany, two follow up workshops in Brazil and a digital coaching phase.
A commonly agreed master curriculum “biogas operation in the field of wastewater in Brazil” was ratified as result of a successful adaption from German practice in technology, management and training reality.
Sixteen Brazilian multipliers from training institutes and the wastewater performed a first pilot training (May 2015) and fulfilled their transfer tasks for implementation / upscaling of the training contents into their institution.
During the process a professional network between the multipliers has been developed and been linked to the technical sector experts in Brazil and Germany.
The chosen method is transferable to the development of trainings for operational skills in other countries and sectors
Cooperation Partner: GIZ