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Together with partners like DWA, WorldSkills Germany aims at building a strong, innovative, and sustainable community of young professionals. Competitions such as WorldSkills motivate trainees, strengthen vocational education and support lifelong learning. Participants become ambassadors for their professions and get young people enthusiastic about dual education. They are the authentic voice of youth in the skills debate.

WorldSkills Germany

No matter wether you are a bricklayer or a vehicle painter, a confectioner or a tiler

the skills competitions will also take place in 2022. Water Technology is in the game!

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Training Camp Water Technology

September 25 – 30, 2023

International Training of Trainers

The session are going to cover the following topics

  • Introduction to the German Water Sector, the education system (dual and university) and the technology used in the water utilities
  • Tour through a wastewater treatment plant and water infrastructure plant
  • How to use the training equipment • Laboratory water analysis
  • PC based closed loop control
  • Pump and valve maintenance incl. pneumatic driven slide valve
  • Water 4.0 – The digitization of the water industry, Digital learning Tools
  • WorldSkills Competition Rules


More information

WorldSkills International

Bye bye Shanghai - Welcome Stuttgart

Pandemic challenge accepted

During the preparations for the German championship at IFAT, this year's WorldSkills competitions in Shanghai were cancelled. The WorldSkills gave its best and developed an alternative: On short notice, the  WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition was born!

Thanks to the commitment of partners and members, 61 trades and professions will compete over 12 weeks in 15 different countries and regions. More than 1,100 competitors from 57 countries and regions are expected to participate.

More about WorldSkills

Skill 55: Water Technology

Our water our life

What do water technicians do?

Water technicians monitor, assess, maintain and repair water infrastructure - infrastructure that serves people, industry, agriculture, ecology and energy production. Water technicians also prevent urban and rural areas from being flooded. They monitor water and solve problems in emergencies such as floods, droughts and water contamination.


Where do water technicians operate?

Water technicians operate water facilities and water supply systems. They carry out domestic connections for water supply and sewage disposal. They also work in sewers, sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment plants.

They may work for industrial and agricultural water users to ensure that water is produced in the quality and quantity needed and that it is returned to nature in good quality.


What do water technicians need to know?

Water technicians need to understand ecological systems, especially the water cycle. They must have mechanical, biological and chemical skills to ensure proper water and wastewater treatment. They must also have interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork and stress tolerance.


What are the responsibilities of water technicians?

Water technicians are able to maintain pumps, repair water leaks and water meters. They conduct daily tasks such as measuring water flow and water quality. They also evaluate control systems and perform standardized electrical repairs. They are able to handle measuring devices such as sensors and photometers.

Additionally, water technicians are trained for emergency situations such as unexpected pollution, rainwater, floods and droughts.

WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan

Lukas Kohl represents Germany and the German water industry

A unique experience for all participants: Experience great scenery, receive attention, get to know other cultures and ways of working, provide good results even under pressure, wearing their national colours, experience friendship across national borders.

Water Skills Germany and World Water Skills 2022 in Munich

The world's leading trade fair IFAT hosted the German and international competitions for trainees and professionals

In different disciplines young and old showed their skills, which reflect the everyday life of a specialist for wastewater technology

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