Become a Member

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Gain all the advantages now by becoming a member of DWA

Once you have become a member you gain direct access to the most important network for experts, engineers and other people working in water management:

  • even when you are still training or studying
  • to get a good start in your chosen profession
  • during the whole of your working life, you’ll keep yourself continually informed
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Voluntary work

As a member of the DWA you will not only receive information on your field of specialisation. You will also have the opportunity to offer your expert knowledge as a volunteer and make your contribution to the development of the DWA rules and standards.
A particular advantage that you will gain from your voluntary work is the opportunity to exchange your experiences within the circle of recognised experts. A voluntary position within the DWA is interpreted as a sign of your professional and personal competence – and will offer you the priceless opportunity of making contacts.
By demonstrating your active interest in the DWA, whether as a member and/or by working in committees, you will be making a significant contribution to future developments.