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straight out - how water becomes clean again - 1st edition 2017

Brochure "straight out - how water becomes clean again"

Entertaining and fun illustrated short stories that help explain kids, what happens to their wastewater on its way from their home through wastewater treatment plant and eventually to the river. All stages of the process are explained on a double page. What would happen without wastewater treatment plants? What can I do for water myself? 
For children in elementary school.

Guideline DWA-M 512-1E - Sealing Systems in Hydraulic Engineering, Part 1: Earthwork Structures - February 2012; Approved by Experts 2016

Joint Publcation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. (DGGT) and Hafentechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (HTG)

This Guideline deals exclusively with sealing systems designed for application in hydraulic engineering. Described are surface and internal sealing systems used in earthwork structures, including asphalt and concrete sealing systems, geosynthetic clay liners, mineral sealings, geomembranes, fully grouted riprap, sheet pile walls and internal sealing systems made of hydraulically bound sealing-wall materials. 

Guideline DWA-M 514 - Dam Surveillance - July 2011 - Check 2016 Approved by Experts

Joint Publication with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. (DGGT) and  Deutsches TalsperrenKomitee (DTK)

Consistent monitoring plays an essential role in dam safety management. Individually adjusted measuring and monitoring systems are employed for the purpose. Being applied in combination with periodical visual inspections, these measuring efforts provide plant operators with a comprehensive and differentiated picture of the structural and operational safety status of their dams. This Guideline serves as a basis for the planning, approval, design, implementation and validation of dam surveillance concepts established for new and old dams.

English translations of significant publications of the DWA Set of Rules, 52 DWA-Standards and Guidelines, 6 DWA-Topics and various brochures in pdf format (single user) - Edition April 2016

New CD-ROM- DWA Set of Rules Edition April 2016

52 Standards and Guidelines, 6 DWA-Topics and various brochures as PDF for your information and public relations work. Get an accepted basis for planning, construction and operation of plants in water, wastewater and waste management, as well as in soil conservation. 

Fit in wastewater technology? Revised Edition Januar 2016

This new concept was specifically developed for the practical and comprehensible transfer of knowledge for the occupation of „wastewater engineering technician“. The book contains conventional multiple-choice questions plus questions related to situations for the better understanding of processes, expedition questions to apply the theory to the practical work on a wastewater treatment plant and questions for reflection which should be discussed and solved with a trainer. Target group: Teachers/trainers and students in vocational and further training as well as operational staff.

Pocketbook for sewage works operator (Croatian translation)
Poster "Abfall richtig entsorgen - Toilette oder Mülltonne?" - Poster "Proper waste disposal, toilet or dustbin?" DIN A3 - laminiert

Poster Correct Waste Disposal - Toilet or Waste Container?

This poster illustrates in easily understandable drawings what belongs in the waste container and must nor be disposed of in the toilet. The poster was designed as basic information about correct waste disposal especially for persons applying for asylum.

Flyer Caution, a pump killer! - The wet wipe problem

Wet wipes clog pipes and canals. Restoring the water flow costs money and is labour intensive. It does not have to be this way. The flyer points to the porblem of wet wipes and gives tips for optimal handling of it. 

Flyer "Was kann in die Toilette" DIN lang, 12 Seiten - What can go in the toilet?

What can go in the toilet?

This flyer gives a compact and comprehensible description of what belongs in the toilet or in the waste bin and which wastes must be diposed of seperately. This flyer is used especially as information for persons applying for asylum and includes the following languages: German - Amharic - Arabic - English - Farsi - French - Kurdish - Pashto - Russian - Somali - Tigrinya

Guideline DWA-M 366E - Mechanical Dewatering of Sewage Sludge - February 2013

Dewatering of sewage sludge is one of the most important fundamental process steps in the entire sludge treatment chain. This Guideline summarises commonly used systems as well as their dewatering efficiency and cost effectiveness and presents information on operational requirements and conditions. It also supplies information on the optimisation of dewatering results and on the minimisation of electrical power consumption. Especially, planners and operators of wastewater treatment plants are addressed by this Guideline.

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pr-broschure "Trulli" pr-broschure "Trulli" - News from Dewey Droplet, 1st edition 2017 (Russian language)


pr-broschure "Trulli" Trulli the little water drop, 1st edition 2017 (Russian language)


Manual operational analysis Manual for operationals analysis (Croatian translation)


Technical book New Alternative Sanitation Systems - NASS - Terminology, Material Flows, Tratment of Partial Flows, Utilisation - 1st edition 2016


DWA Set of Rules - English Version English translations of significant publications of the DWA Set of Rules, 52 DWA-Standards and Guidelines, 6 DWA-Topics and various brochures in pdf format (single user) - Edition April 2016


Pocketbook sewage works operator Pocketbook for sewage works operator (Croatian translation)