Research and Innovation

DWA supports the research coordination in the fields of water and waste management. Identifying research needs DWA represents the interests of the practice. It accompanies research projects and supports its implementation. It has recently establisehd the new staff unit research and innovation.


The project „Characterization, communication and minimization of risks by new pollutants and pathogens in water circle” which was sponsored by BMBF provided the basis to a DWA-topic volume. The project results lead to an assessment concept applicable to estimate the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes in respect to eliminating micropollutants without undesired transformation products.

Performance in Research and Innovation

  • Communication and Definition
    Around 2000 experts work in approx. 350 special committees and expert groups. They discuss and define topics of the future.
  • Moderation and Support
    DWA moderates research groups. Cross-cutting issues are reflected in different expert groups. Specific groups can be founded for special proceedings.
  • Publishing and Distribution
    DWA offers: DWA Set of Rules, monthly professional journals, website, nesletter, participation in international trade fairs, a great number of various professional events to publish and distirbute reports and results.

TransRisk E-Learning-Tool

The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) has established an E-learning-tool from the results of BMBF-project Characterization, communication and minimization of new emerging pollutants and pathogens in water circle. This tool teaches students in all matters of micropollutants and pathogens in water circle and adequate measures of action.

To start the tool please open the file “index.htm”.

The WaterWorks 2014 Cofunded Call is now OPEN

WaterWorks2014 will benefit researchers, policy-makers, water authorities, utility operators, industry, farmers, and citizens by developing new solutions in the water domain.

EU Experts for Research and Innovation

The European Commission appoints independent experts to assist with research and innovation assignments.

Horizon 2020

What is Horizon 2020?

The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

European Innovation Partnership EIP

The EIP Water as launched the 3rd Call for action groups.

FP 7: Future of European Union Research Policy

The European Commission has announced the final and biggest ever calls for proposals under its Seventh Framework Programme for Research FP7. In total, €8.1 billion is available to support projects and ideas that will boost Europe's competitiveness and tackle issues such as improving human health, protecting the environment and finding new solutions to challenges arising, for example, from urbanisation and managing waste.


The WaterDiss2.0 project aims at improving the communication and uptaking of the results of EU-funded water research in order to better archieve European water policy goals.

Guiding Principle Research Coordination

DWA has recently adopted the guiding principle for research coordination.  DWA assumes social responsibility, maintains and supports partnerships,  supplies information and creates transparency, publishes research results and establishes them in the professional world and its standardization processes.