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DWA-Software makes your daily tasks easier and more efficient

Almost 1,500 experts serving in more than 10 main committees with 250 special committees and working groups have cooperated to compile the DWA Set of Rules. Some of them are also developing the appropriate software for you.

Activated sludge expert software

Activated Sludge Expert

The software Activated Sludge Expert is a calculation program according to Standard ATV-DVWK-A 131 “Dimensioning of Single- Stage Activated Sludge Plants” of May 2000.

The calculations listed in this Standard can easily be adapted to your own requirements and calculated properly. The Activated Sludge Expert gives you an optimum support of the daily work.

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Statics Expert

The Statics Expert is a software for structural calculation of pipes according to the Standards
ATV-DVWK-A 127 (open-cut method) , DWA-A 161 (pipe jacking) and DWA-A 143-2 (rehabilitation). 

The software assists planners, engineers and manufacturers in their important task to calculate pipe statics. Different calculation modules are available, each of them represents an international standard. 

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software hydraulics expert

Hydraulics Expert

The Hydraulics Expert is a software for hydraulic calculation of sewer and special structures according to the Standard DWA-A 110, DWA-A 111 and DWA-A 112 (standards about hydraulic dimensioning and perfomance verification of stormwater overflow installations in drain and sewer systems).  

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Messdaten für alle

Measurement Data Management System NEW

MDMS-Expert - Your Entry into innovative data management according to DWA-M 151 "Messdatenmanagementsysteme (MDMS) in Entwässerungssystemen" ("Measurement Data Management Systems (MDMS) in Sewer systems") (August 2014).

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  • DWA Rules and Standards-English Version on CD-ROM
  • DWA Rules and Standards-Arabic Version on CD-ROM
  • Technical Dictionary Water, Wastewater on CD-ROM