Road Site Safety Training System

Practicing Road Site Construction Safety

Which sign  do I place where? What is the distance to the construction site? Is the workplace properly secured on the road? 

Train  to protect the compliant protection on a whiteboard or flipchart before[ it nbsp] goes on the road. Explain the guidelines clearly and 'touchable' for everyone. From now on you have more magnets available: 167 beacons, car, pylons, signs,.....

This is what it can look like in practice:

The photos show you how easy it is to learn, discuss, display or check with the magnetic cards. Let yourself be infected by the idea!


167 Magnets (ca. 5 cm) packed in a plastic case:

  • car
  • narrowed lane, one-sided narrowed lane
  • job site
  • traffic lights
  • pedestrians, bicycle traffic
  • priority of oncoming traffic
  • maximum authorised speed and speed limit end (30,50,70)
  • prohibition of overtaking and prohibition of overtaking for all motor vehicles
  • end of all route restrictions
  • no-parking zone
  • priority over oncoming traffic
  • barrier beacon with and without light, hatch beacon with and without light
  • cones with and without light
  • drive-by
  • stop
  • mobile barrier panel with flashing light
  • constriction table
  • straight ahead and left/right, left, right, straight ahead, left or right
  • left pointing, right pointing
  • 1000-12, 1000-22

Purchase once - use all over again

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Road Site Safety Training System 125,60 € 157,00 €