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Winners 2024

Water Skills Germany
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World Water Skills
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Water Skills

The professional competitions at IFAT

With the competitions „Water Skills Germany“ for trainees and „World Water Skills“ for professionals with participants from Germany and all over the world, DWA will be hosting one of the central action areas at IFAT Munich.

Young and old show their skills in various disciplines that reflect the everyday life of a wastewater technology specialist. In this way, they not only advertise this important profession, but also motivate each other and grow in their tasks.

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Winners of Water Skills Germany 2024

Overall win

Grundfos Station:
Repair and maintenance

Reid Lifting Station:
Occupational safety and health protection

Hach Station:
Measurement, control and regulation operational monitoring

VTA Station:
Process control

Winners World Water Skills 2024

Overall win Sewer professionals

Overall win Wastewater treatment plant professionals

Grundfos Station:
Repair and maintenance

Reid Lifting Station:
Occupational safety and health protection

Hach Station:Measurement, control
and regulation operational monitoring

VTA Station:
Process control

Water Skills 2024

Preparations are underway - the next Water Skills will take place at IFAT in Munich from 13-17 May 2024. Our professional competition, the World Water Skills will take place on 15th and 16th May 2024.

You want to participate? Please read the regulations and register for the competition!

Register here

What is going on?

Station 1: Occupational safety and health protection

The participants carry out work that is defined as "hazardous work" by law. This requires knowledge and skills of the relevant health and safety regulations. The workflow of safe boarding is checked and evaluated.

Station 2: Repair and maintenance

This station will be all about agitators. After reading the data of a vibration, an error has been detected. After professional and safe disassembly the agitator must be repaired and after reassembly correctly to be put into operation. Finally, the data of the vibration sensor have to be checked again.

Station 3: Measurement, control and regulation operational monitoring

1. Installation and commissioning of a pilot plant
The participants set up a pilot plant and take it into operation. The participants set up the test facility, install the sensors, put it into operation, adjust and document the measured values. In addition, various body and area calculations can be queried.

2. Operational monitoring of a wastewater treatment plant
The participants must be able to measure and evaluate an unknown disturbance out of a water or waste water sample. The analysis is carried out by means of a cell test and photometer. In addition, they must be able to produce a dilution series, whereby they must carry out the calculation for this.

Station 4: Process control

Here, the participants demonstrate their knowledge of wastewater treatment plants. A specific wastewater treatment plant is depicted by the magnetic cards. Process flow diagram and measurement setups are described. Operational disruption situations are queried and the sampling is visualised. Through this task, the participants show their competencies in process engineering. They can depict the technical procedures, recognise and solve problems and master difficult situations. Alongside the wastewater treatment, sewage sludge disposal is also handled. Energetic questions and questions on state monitoring values and their compliance are also part of the task. The task is to be processed with within a fixed time limit and then assessed by the jury. The participants are also given tips on how to improve.

For this, the DWA’s training box Wastewater Technology is used also as a special simulation software from Hydromentics.

Sponsors of Water Skills 2024

Our competitions would not be possible without the support of companies from the sector. We would therefore like to sincerely thank all the companies and institutions that are supporting us again or for the first time in this edition of Water Skills!

Special thanks go to our patron, the BMUV and this year's station sponsors.

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