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Invitations and information

Dates and invitations are sent to personal JDWA members via member information (circular email), the JDWA member area (DWAdirekt) and Rocket.Chat.

You are not a personal member yet? No problem! Stay up to date with our public information channels LinkedIn #Stammtisch #JDWA and Instagram @jungedwa.

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Regional regulars' tabl

Junge DWA offers Germany-wide regional regulars' tables, which are organized locally by their regulars' table leaders. In addition to regional networking, the meetings also focus on knowledge acquisition through excursions and introductions to various regional water management stakeholders.

Generally, regulars' tables take place within a 30 km radius of the location. A few regulars' tables offer field trips to more distant locations. You can see which locations are available from the map below.

Our regulars' tables throughout Germany

Stammtisch Aachen

Sonja Winandi

Stammtisch Berlin

Anke Soppert

Stammtisch Braunschweig / Hannover

Felix Altmann
Susanne Busche

Stammtisch Darmstadt

Janine Schmirmund
Pia Hübener

Stammtisch Dresden

Laura Kämpffe

Stammtisch Essen

Mareike Kolkmann
Daniel Mertens

Stammtisch Frankfurt a.M.

Christian Borgen

Stammtisch Freiburg

Andres Lucht

Stammtisch Gießen

Marc Franke

Stammtisch Karlsruhe

Jens Jensen

Stammtisch Kassel

Miriam Thelen
Tobias Herbst

Stammtisch Koblenz

Sabrina Quanz

Stammtisch Köln

Luisa Frackenpohl

Stammtisch Leipzig

Helene Freihube
Jonas Schneider

Stammtisch Magdeburg

Tobias Langkau

Stammtisch München

Thorsten Fillip

Stammtisch Nord

Kirstin Diercks

Stammtisch Nürnberg

Lukas Kohl

Stammtisch Rhein-Neckar

Andreas Keth

Stammtisch Stuttgart

Maximiliane Kühl

Stammtisch Thüringen

Robert Köllner
Larissa von Marschall

Stammtisch Würzburg

Yul Röschert

Circle Stammtische

Supraregional regulars' table

You are new in the Jungen DWA or have questions about the Junge DWA? Then drop by the next supraregional regulars' table!

The regulars' table takes place on the 1st Thursday of the month and provides insight into the structure, communication and work of the Junge DWA. It is led by experienced regulars' table leaders.

Current dates you can find here.

Marcel Farin, Nils Weller

Company Staff Regulars' Table

This regulars' table is dedicated to the Germany-wide networking of trainees and young specialists in environmental engineering professions. Here, knowledge exchange takes place between operating personnel and managers of wastewater and drinking water plants as well as people interested in the operation.

Current dates you can find here.

Circle Stammtische

Thematic regulars' table

The thematic regulars' table serves as a platform for professional exchange. Here, experts provide insights into problems, developments and innovations in technically relevant subject areas. In addition, representatives of the main committees and technical committees present the work of the technical committees in order to simplify access to committee work for young DWA members. They take place every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7 pm.

You can find all the next dates in the half-year program..

Current dates you can find here.

Philippe Ader und Jens Jensen
International Roundtable
Philipp Beutler

International regulars' table

On an international level, regulars' tables enable networking, knowledge exchange and cooperation opportunities as well as an understanding of challenges in an international context.

At the international roundtable, specialists and young professionals from a wide range of nationalities meet and exchange ideas on professionally relevant topics through presentations and discussions. The bilateral dialogue event series is organized by representatives of the Junge DWA and Young Water Professional. Thus, each event takes place in cooperation with changing partner countries and the Young Water Professional sections located there.

The D-A-CH regulars' table offers a platform for exchange between young professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The aim is to get to know each other and to discuss experiences from professional topics that play a role across countries. The meetings are held in conjunction with other major events in the industry to take advantage of the gathering of many professionals from the countries.

Reports from past meetings