International Roundtable

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Event’s Theme / Topic Guest Speaker Presentation Date
001 Building Bridges - Global YWP Pilot / Introduction Ruediger Heidebrecht,
Head of the Department of Training and International Cooperation, DWA
Germany’s role in the international water sector 24/07/2020
002 Building Bridges - Australian YWP Water Reuse Alexa Bliedung,
Former Research Assistant,
TU Braunschweig

Morgan Pauly,
Strategy Advisor,
Sydney Water
Use of hydroponic systems for resource efficient water reuse in agriculture

All options on the table: Building acceptance around purified recycled water for drinking
003 Building Bridges - NL YWP Nature-based Urban Drainage Lena Knoop, Research Assistant HafenCity University Hamburg

Floris Boogaard
Professor, Hanze University Groningen / Researcher, Global Centre on Adaptation / Consultant, Deltares

Sidney Stax
Officer - Water & Sewerage, City of Nijmegen
Multifunctional streetscape design in urban neighbourhoods

Use of bioswales for climate adaptation
004 Building Bridges - YWP Denmark Carbon Neutral Wastewater Treatment Jürgen Schmidtke, Projekt Manager, Umwelttechnik BW

Nina Almind- Jørgensen,
Chemical Engineer,
VandCenter Syd
Climate neutral Waste Water Treatment/ Footprinting and Life Cycle Analysis

Towards sustainable wastewater treatment – Ejby Molle Case Study
005 International Project Implementation - KfW   c. Dirk Vallerien, Principal Engineer, KfW Development Bank d. Challenges of water projects in financial cooperation 23/07/2021
006 Building Bridges – YWP Spain Accessing Hidden Information in Water Resource Management Data Adrian Campos Gibert,
Automation & Control Systems Engineer, Acciona

Juliane Neumann,
Lead Engineer, Okeanos Smart Data Solutions GmbH
Monitoring and efficiency in water networks

007 Building Bridges – YWP Canada Challenges for Water Supply Infrastructure Dr Alexandra Cassivi,
Research Fellow, Université Laval, Quebec

Dr Lisa Bross,
Research & Development, Wasserversorgung Rheinhessen-Pfalz GmbH
Drinking Water Supply Challenges in Northern Communities in Canada

Increase Water Production or Reduce Water Use? (Digital) Strategies of Water Utilities to Deal with Climate Change Impacts
008 Building Bridges – YWP Italy Wastewater Reuse in Agriculture PhD Student Luca Penserini, Politecnico di Milano & PhD Student Max Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen Models for Wastewater Reuse and impact evaluation & Agriculture water reuse in Germany – Insight into FlexTreat 22/11/2022