Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

17 goals for a sustainable design of the world

17 goals that change the world!

Transforming Our World

In september 2015, all member states of the United Nations (UN) agree on a new common agenda for 2030 with 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With this resolution, the heads of state and the government commit themselves to working tirelessly to full implementation by 2030, thereby reshaping the world.

What is new?

New compared to the previous MDGs is not only the greater number of objectives, but also the integrative approach, the inclusion of water as a separate objective and the explicit inclusion of all countries.

What has the DWA to do with it?

Since its establishment in 1948, the DWA has been committed to the sustainable development of water management, wastewater disposal and waste management as a technical and scientific professional association. In our mission statement we acknowledge our responsibility for clean water, intact soil and clean air in order to preserve a healthy environment for future generations.

The intensive exchange of expertise among each other, the DWA standards, the training offers as well as the national and international association network are fundamental building blocks for achieving the SDGs, in particular for achieving the central water objective (SDG 6).