IFAT Africa
Africa's Leading Trade Fair for Water,
Sewage, Refuse and Recycling


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IFAT Africa

IFAT Africa is the ultimate platform to showcase technologies and solutions for water, sewage, refuse and recycling for the sub-Saharan Africa market. The trade fair is the gateway for international companies to the African market and for African enterprises to the global market, connecting key industry players with senior buyers and decision makers in the region.

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DWA ist proudly in partnership with the IFAT Africa.

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University Challenge

It is important to support the international engineers of tomorrow. Qualified youngsters should be connected with experts and decision-makers of relevant companies.

To help support this, DWA offers the University Challenges. At these competitions, young talents have the chance to compete against students from other universities and apply their skills.

The challenges take place globally at various IFAT trade fairs. IFAT is the leading trade fair for water, sewage, refuse and recycling.

The first University Challenge Africa took place in Johannesburg (Africa) in September 2017.

Review: University Challenge Africa 2023

Best students come from University of Pretoria

DWA / Roland Knitschky

The World University Challenge is closely linked to the IFAT trade fair. Since 2015, DWA has conducts international University Challenges at the IFAT fairgrounds in Shanghai, Mumbai, Istanbul and Johannesburg. The World University Challenge is the main competition and takes place biannually at the IFAT Munich.

The competition for young academics wants to promote the next generation of Environmental engineers and at the same time make companies aware of qualified and motivated newcomers. Competitions make companies aware of young talent, so they are increasingly an instrument for personnel selection. They illustrate whether young talents are capable of mastering management challenges.

The students from University Pretoria held their own against a total of 9 teams from South Africa. They showed their skills in two disciplines:

1) IWRM – Integrated Water Resources Management

Infrastructure measures from water management, waste management and energy management have to be combined using DWA environment cards.

2) Reporting

Student teams prove their skills in researching and gathering information at the fair, focusing on a fictitious employer. The accumulated knowledge needs to be applied by writing a re­porting with a pre-defined focus.

It has become a good tradition that the winning teams of the international IFAT trade fairs are either invited to come and join the main competition „The World University Challenge“ in Munich. Par­ticipation as well as travel costs are sponsored by the Wilo- Foundation.

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