Statics Expert

Set of Rules and experience for your own static calculations

© Andrea Irslinger

In addition to the basic DWA Set of Rules and DIN-Standards, the software incorporates a lot of practical experience from planning, consulting and committee work. You will notice it as a client, planner or manufacturer - the software lets you easily create your own static calculations.

These are your advantages at a glance:

  • rule-compliant for this important topic
  • improved planning quality through quick case-by-case calculation
  • knowing fundamental factors influencing the stability of components
  • comparisons of the advantages of pipe materials
  • no major follow-up costs in the event of claims
  • no overdimensioned components and unnecessary expensive constructions

Whether as an investor, planner, manufacturer or operator - keep your project under control with the Statics Expert!

Standard Edition?

The Standard Edition  is exactly the right solution for  users who only need to set up statics occasionally  or  for smaller projects.

Some important features are:

  • immediate display of important results in the input window
  • convenient optimization options
  • red or green highlights show you directly whether your static "holds"
  • plausibility checks of all entries
  • traceable storage of all entries in project files
  • output directly as PDF incl. document structure

or Professional Edition?

Users who regularly carry out structural calculations of pipes as part of extensive and complex construction projects, take advantage of the additional features of the Professional Edition. In addition to the features of the Standard Edition:

  • creation and maintenance of own databases for pipe wall profiles, materials and pipes
  • combination of several static calculations within one project file 
  • variant calculation without new data entry for quick comparison of deviating boundary conditions
  • reference to external PDF files incl. complete integration in the output document
  • switching between imperial and metric units during application
  • quick overview of important results directly on the screen 

Your glance at the Statics Expert

Screenshots from the software

Expert Knowledge at Fair Prices

  Unit Price Price for DWA-Corporate Members
* A basic module is always necessary for the functioning of the calculation modules!    
Calculation Module
Open Cut (A 127)
963,00 770,40
Calculation Module
Pipe Jacking (A 161)
1.412,50 1.130,00
Calculation Module
Rehabilitation (A 143-2)
1.942,00 1.553,60
per additional language
(German, French, Spanish)
481,50 385,20
more calculation modules
(DWA as co-distributor)

SIA 190
on request on request