Environment Training System

Pictures explaining Environmental Technology

A picture is worth a thousand words!

According to this saying DWA created 62 magnetic cards depicting the most important stages and process steps in the water, waste and energy sector.

Who needs the Training Cards?

The Cards are designed for those who want to illustrate complex situatons in an easy and comprehensible way.

Activate your audience and transform listeners into active participants and debaters. Offer a comprehensible presentation of the teaching and learning content.

Suitable for:

  • those who are involved with teaching, training or education
  • those who want to effectively train new, non-specialist or external staff
  • those who want to vitalize their public relations, presentations or events

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The images show how easy it is to learn, discuss, depict and test by using the magnetic cards.

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What is illustrated on the 62 magnetic cards?

Topic Water/Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Combined private sewerage system

Seperate private sewerage system

Tank sewer

Open-cut method of construction

Percolation facility

Private service water system

Industrial service water system

Sewer inspection

Sewer cleaning

Sewer system with heat exchanger

Inverted siphon

Separator for light density material


Surface infiltration

Constructed wetland

Topic Water/Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Operational building + laboratory

Wastewater processing plant

Wastewater treatment plant capacity

Mechanical wastewater treatment 1

Mechanical wastewater treatment 2

Biologícal treatment

Sludge treatment + digestion

Biogas storage + energy generation

Topic Water/Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Dam with intake tower

Drinking water plant

Drinking water well

Drinking water treatment 1

Drinking water treatment 2

Drinking water treatment 3

Reservoir / Water tower

Pumping station


Topic Water/ Waterbodies


Fish ladder

River bottom sill + bank reinforcement

Hydrological cycle

Levees built along watercourses


Gauging station

Topic Waste


Waste utilisation plant

Chemical plant

Waste collection transport

Container transport


Recycling plant

Waste disposal site

Biogas plant

Household- and special waste reception station


Waste bunker


Flue-gas purification plant

Building yard

Residual materials

Power generation

Topic Energy


Dam with intake tower

Wind power station

Nuclear power plant

Solar power plant

Coal-burning power plant

Geothermal power plant

Drilling platform

Sewer system with heat exchanger

Biogas storage + energy generation

Biogas (see Waste)

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Modular Environment Training Cards:
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