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Wastewater engineering technician training aid

With a total of well over 2,250 questions, learning, repeating and testing is now possible at any time on various digital devices. All questions are either multiple-choice or freely formulated. The contents have been specially developed or come from two of our wastewater technology reference books (also combined product book with app available).

The software behind it works - no matter if Android or Apple - like a thinking card index box. It stores the answers, registers whether they are correct and automatically organises the resubmission depending on success or failure. You can immediately see your learning success in your own learning statistics. With the app it doesn't matter whether you are learning on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Your Advantages

  • exam-relevant content
  • faster learning success through automated repetition
  • usable on different devices
  • learning is always possible - online, offline and mobile
  • same level on all devices through cloud synchronization
  • automatic learning organisation
  • high motivation through own learning success statistics
  • combination book and learning software at a special price

Fit in Wastewater Technology?

Pumps and Pumping Stations

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BrainYoo trains your long-time memory and helps you to successfully memorize lessons with a variety of different modes. Mobile BrainYoo allows you to learn regardless of location and synchronizes your learning content with your Version for PC and Mac.

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Fit in Wastewater Technology?
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