Statics Expert

Open Cut Method of Construction

Software zur Berechnung Rohr-Statik

The calculation module permits the structural calculation of buried pipes installed in trenches or banks and enables sizing of pipes taking into account all materials mentioned in the Satndard.

This module is also used to check trench widths in accordance with DIN EN 1610 and minimum dimensions are determined in accordance with DIN V 1201. Relevant concrete grades and any special materials can be defined. RiL 877 steel types are stored.

Material and load-dependent verification for minimum and maximum ground water levels or short and long-term conditions is carried out automatically. In the dynamic verification (fatigue), load changes of 2x106 and 1x108 are available as defaults in A 127. In addition, the number of cycles can be freely selected. Reinforced concrete pipes can be verified with one or two-layer reinforcement.

Upon request, the crack detection is carried out according to DIN EN 1992-1-1-1. In addition to load model 1 (LM1) for road traffic and the LM71 and UIC71 (railway), the stored load package also includes rated aircraft (BFZ) and allows free input (see also Extension of Special Vehicles) as well as the choice between SLW60, SLW30 and LKW12.

Standard Edition?


  • profile geometry of any kind: solid wall, profiled tubes, free input
  • examination of numerous predefined materials or free input
  • immediate display of important results in the input window
  • convenient optimization options
  • red or green highlights show you directly whether your statics are stable or not
  • plausibility checks of all entries
  • traceable storage of all entries in project files
  • output also as professional PDF-file incl. your logo
  • switching between languages during runtime
  • direct display of the relevant Set of Rules references

or Professional Edition?


  • creation and maintenance of own databases for pipe wall profiles, materials and pipes
  • combination of several static calculations within one project file
  • variant calculation for quick comparison of different boundary conditions
  • reference to external PDF files incl. complete integration in the output document
  • switching between imperial and metric units during application