QR-Code Wastewater technology

Out and about with your smartphone at a wastewater treatment plant

What makes the QR code so exciting:

  • Many possibilities to store your own information typical for sewage treatment plants, such as help in case of malfunctions, safety instructions, operating technology,.....
  • IInformation can be called up directly on site
  • Easy to update by central maintenance
  • Contents can not be only text, but also images, videos or audio recordings
  • Self-dependent learning without additional tools or schedules
f you don't have a QR code reader app on your smartphone yet, you can download it for free on the respective platforms (e. g. App Store or Play Store).

We would be glad to make you a personal offer!

(Price changes and errors excepted)
Annual licence fees
(from third year on)
QR-Code Wastewater technology:
- 15 signs
- use of CMS system
- ready-made content for wastewater technology
- pages to be filled individually on operating technology
4.250,00€ incl. VAT 12% of purchase price
Extensions to additional process stages or other individual adaptations offer on request