QR-Code Wastewater technology

Out and about with your smartphone at a wastewater treatment plant

The "QR-Code Wastewater technology" is your entry into the world of digital information about a wastewater treatment plant. The smartphone is increasingly being used by young and old alike and is finding its way into daily business. So why not retrieve important information about your own workplace? Why not give trainees the opportunity to learn independently? Use this product as a living encyclopaedia of knowledge at your wastewater treatment plant.

f you don't have a QR code reader app on your smartphone yet, you can download it for free on the respective platforms (e. g. App Store or Play Store).

What is the "QR-Code Wastewater technology"?

The "QR-Code Wastewater technology" is far more than the name suggests. The 15 fixed signs with graphics and four QR codes installed on the wastewater treatment plant are the "visible part". The most common process stages of a wastewater treatment plant for wastewater and sludge treatment are presented on these signs.

The more exciting but "invisible" part is a complete Content Management System (CMS). This means that many digital pages are filled with content in various formats such as audio, video, graphics, key figures or quizzes, as well as free pages for your specific contents on operating technology, safety and malfunction.

The CMS is managed and hosted centrally by A-HA. Every authorised person, i. e. every customer of the QR-Code Wastewater technology, can access the pages that have been activated for him or via links. The QR code on the sign is nothing more than this link, which the smartphone recognizes, using one of the reader apps which are mostly available for free, and directs you to the appropriate page. Typing in links - time consuming and tedious - is no longer necessary.

What makes the QR code so exciting:

  • Many possibilities to store your own information typical for sewage treatment plants, such as help in case of malfunctions, safety instructions, operating technology,.....
  • IInformation can be called up directly on site 
  • Easy to update by central maintenance
  • Contents may be not only text, but also picture, video or audio recordings
  • Self-dependent learning without additional tools or schedules

We would be glad to make you a personal offer!

(Price changes and errors excepted)
Annual licence fees
(from third year on)
QR-Code Wastewater technology:
- 15 signs
- use of CMS system
- ready-made content for wastewater technology
- pages to be filled individually on operating technology
4.250,00€ incl. VAT 12% of purchase price
additional QR-Codes:
operational seafety
on request 12% of purchase price
Extensions to additional process stages or other individual adaptations offer on request