A new idea for your training - Modular Wastewater Training System

Comprehensible instruction for technical processes

Kläranlage Fachkraft für Abwassertechnik Ausbildungshilfe

In order to make technical processes and stations at a wastewater treatment plant understandable in the truest sense of the word, Achim Höcherl, the head of the wastewater treatment plants in Bonn, developed these magnetic cards for his in-house lessons. We were so enthusiastic about the idea and its success that we designed the so-called DWA Modular Wastewater Training System in 2010. Until now, the Modular Wastewater Training System has proven itself internationally in more than 10 languages. Meanwhile, the system is part of national and international skills competitions in the field of water technology.

All the important stages of wastewater treatment are vividly depicted on 63 magnetic picture cards. On a flipchart or whiteboard you can quickly and easily “reconstruct“ the complex processes, test your knowledge or organize group work.

Your training system includes

63 Magnetic picture cards

63 Magnetic picture cards for presentation on whiteboard. The label has space to add the heading term in your own language.

1 Workbook “Fit in Wastewater Technology?"

1 Workbook “Fit in Wastewater Technology?” with exercises and case studies that can be solved with the picture cards, furthermore field work and reflection tasks. As a conclusion, you can test yourself against the examination tasks from vocational competitions of the past years.

2 Flashcard sets

2 Flashcard sets with 63 picture cards for various purposes such as group work learning, discussion of scenarios, documentation of your learners notes or a competing exercise with your colleagues or friends.

5 Whiteboard markers

5 Whiteboard markers enable you to draw material flows in your process diagram.

Permanent marker

Permanent marker to label the cards in your language.

Transport case

1 high quality transport case.

User Manual

User Manual with list of heading terms for the cards (GB). Add the terms in your language. Suggestions for terminology in further languages are available on this product platform.


Handling of the Modular Wastewater Training System is simple and intuitive.

1. Select
2. Lay out
3. Connect
4. Ask!

What is illustrated on the magnetic cards?

Download the heading terms in different languages
Drainage Systems
01 settlement
02 trade
03 industry
04 rainwater harvesting
05 separator system
06 pre-treatment system
07 percolation tank
10 combined system
11 separate-system
12 pressure drainage system
13 vacuum drainage system
14 inverted siphon
15 pumping station
16 stormwater overflow tank
17 stormwater holding tank
18 stormwater sedimentation tank
Mechanical Treatment
19 screw pump
20 screen
21 grit chamber
22 primary settlement tank
40 precipitant tank
41 filtration
42 membrane process
Biological Treatment
08 constructed wetland
09 small wastewater treatment plant
23 nitrification (surface aerator)
24 anaerobic tank
25 nitrification
26 denitrification
27 upstream denitrifikation
28 downstream denitrifikation
29 intermittent denitrification
30 alternating denitrification
31 simultaneous denitrification
32 cascade denitrification
33 sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
34 trickling filter
35 upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion (UASB)
36 secondary-settllement tank (circular)
37 secondary-settllement tank (rectangular)
38 return activated sludge pump
39 recirculation pump
43 wastewater pond
63 blower (compressor)
Sludge Treatment
46 thickener
47 sludge digester
48 mechanical sludge dewatering
49 sludge drying bed
50 agricultural utilization of sewage sludge
51 incineration
53 gas tank
55 gas flare
45 receiving water
52 processwater tank
54 Combined heat and power unit (CHP)
56 distributed control system (DCS)
57, 58, 59 sampling point
60, 61, 62 measuring device

Order the DWA training system for efective training at all staff levels

in Euro
Corporate DWA-members Others
Wastewater Training System – International Edition 700,00 875,00

Our Video Tutorial for the DWA Modular Wastewater Training System

This video gives you a first insight into the DWA Modular Wastewater Training System. You will understand the methodical approach as training material. You can prepare the magnetic cards for your personal use. You get an impression of how to use the training set in different levels of difficulty.

Watch our 360°-Video playlist!