Hydraulics Expert

Hydraulic Calculation of Sewer Pipes and Sewer Network structures

The consequent application of the dimensioning principles laid down in the German standards DWA-A 110, -A 111 and -A 112, aid the production of operationally suitable systems and, with this, the minimisation of subsequent costs. In this regard the DWA software Hydraulics Expert is your best professional assistance.

Your benefits at a glance

  • rule-compliant results
  • technically up-to-date (Windows 7)
  • safety by automatic field checks
  • secure and efficient calculation
  • detailed reports

Important Features

The standard-version meets the basic needs for hydraulic dimensioning and verification of sewers and drains.

Essential Features:

  • complete and partial filling
  • calculation of flows
  • critical discharge
  • loss coefficients
  • determination of hydraulic parameters


Important Features

Engineers who carry out detailed hydraulic dimensioning and verification of stormwater overflow installations in sewers and special structures, take advantage of the features of the professional version. Additional to the standard version - calculation and reporting of:

  • inverted siphons 
  • gutters
  • crash steeps
  • vortex dropshafts
  • raids
  • spillways


Expert Knowledge at Fair Prices

  Price for DWA-Corporate Members Unit Price
multiple software license on request on request
Version 3.0
156,00 195,00
Hydraulics-Expert Professional
Version 3.0
600,00 750,00
Upgrade Standard to Professional 444,00 555,00

Have a look!

Screenshots of the Hydraulics-Expert