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Pipe Jacking

Software zur Berechnung von Rohrstatiken

The DWA-A 161 is the first DWA Standard for static calculation of pipes with partial safety factors according to the Eurocode (semi-probabilistic concept). This allows you to examine all driving procedures (shield jacking, jacking, HDD, burst lining, etc.) of the control system on straight and curved tracks.

Multi-level pressure transfer rings in the preliminary design and the CSV import of pressure transmission ring tests are available. Jacking in loose rock and rocky or mixed ground/transitional areas can be examined. The calculation module determines the driving force iteratively for the construction stage and carries out interaction verification.

All required proofs/verifications for the operating mode can be carried out automatically at the same time if required, such as evidence of fatigue, deformation, expansion and stability. Minimum reinforcement, internal forces and wall thicknesses can be checked easily.

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