Algeria - Vocational Training

Palestine Reference
Country: Palestine
Project title: Techincal assistance for the management and training coordination in teh water sector Palestine
Project period: First Period 2004 - 2006
Second Period 2006 - 2009
Client: German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Target: Conducting training need assessments for the whole of Palestine and to set priorities to the needed training for the operators in the Water Sector. Technical vocational and educational training (TEVET) introductions are in preparation and will be introduced to Palestine. Modular training curricular are in development process according to need assessment taken by the Palestinian Water Authority.
Services rendered: The DWA staff member Ruediger Heidebrecht led the project, set up the working groups and coached them. The working groups defined the training needs, conducted pilot trainings and prepared the needed materials. The German expert knowledge was used to motivate and stimulate the professionals in the Palestinian Water Sector and other stakeholders involved.