DWA dictionary in Turkish

Technical knowledge for training and profession

Hennef. The English - German DWA dictionary of water, wastewater and waste is now available in a Turkish translation. It has been translated by the Turkish partner association of the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB - Türkiye Belediyeler Birligi ) and is distributed in Turkey and by the DWA.

30,000 terms guarantee uniform language

The dictionary is aimed primarily at engineers, technicians, university employees, students and municipalities. It includes about 30,000 technical terms, thus guaranteeing internationally active experts and executives the use of a uniform vocabulary.

However, the Turkish version of the reference work not only provides a comprehensive overview of the technical terms used and recognised. It also serves for the dissemination of proven technical standards and is a valuable aid in training and knowledge transfer.

Cooperation ensures common subject expertise

Since the first edition of the German - English dictionary in 1995, the DWA has supported the objective of internationally unifying the vocabulary in the field of water and waste management, ensuring accurate translations and making professional publications available to a wide audience.

The Turkish version of the technical dictionary is available from the DWA at info@dwa.de as a PDF file or as a hardcover edition with the ISBN number 978-3-941897-34-2 for the price of 69 Euros.

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